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Quality system

Why build a quality system?


For several years, the General Directorate for Social Action has been promoting the improvement of the quality of the service rendered in the medico-social field.

The law of 2 January 2002 renewing the social and medico-social action, sets the framework for the overhaul of the technical operating conditions of establishments housing dependent elderly people, among other things through the publication of guides of good practices, in particular in terms of identifying risks of abuse.

By this system of evaluation of the quality of the services delivered by the social and medico-social establishments and services, this action confirmed the importance given to this objective of improvement of service rendered to the user.


The interest of a quality system :


- Evaluate the satisfaction of your customers

- Testify values ​​of your commitment

- Give confidence to customers and external actors (family, institutions ...)

- Continuously improve the nature of your services

- Keep up to date with the legal constraints (DU ...)



The method is based on the three phases described below :


ScreenHunter 46.png

Upstream phase:

Procedure for making

appointments adapted

to PRMs

Support phase:




Downstream phase:

Measure of satisfaction

quality and comfort


Our offer


We offer a complete pack and very easy to use, without any administrative burden, as follows:

- The quality charter defining the philosophy

- A simplified process of implementation and a simplified        process of control and evaluation

- Simplified procedures


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