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About our Concept

The origin of Handi lies in the fact that in 2009, Ms. Goyon, hairdresser and service provider in retirement homes, was asked to participate in a brainstorming session on the prevention of abuse, hairdressing being considered one of the most critical jobs in terms of pain. Upon presentation of a concept of global personal care (various prototypes and a new organizational mode), this project was quickly recognized by the institutional world wishing to bring more humanity into the retirement homes.


Our concept aims to open the hairdressing service to any person: valid, disabled and/or elderly, in an environment of optimum comfort and safety, as well as to service providers.

It is intended for retirement homes, hospitals, serviced residences, nursing homes, any hairdressing salon.... as well as homecare services!


The goal is kindness for self-esteem. This requires a global reorientation on furniture, layout and work organization. We support you on these three points in order to free you from painful constraints, to allow the hairdresser and the nurse more autonomy and thus to make economies of scale.


Our furniture is designed to meet ISO 14738 standards.


For the hairdresser and nurse: Fight against musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)


For the customer: Generally speaking, all the technical aids we offer allow the client to be tilted to 127° (the so-called "Zero Gravity" position), which is the most comfortable position for better vascularity.


The integration of our offer implies the will of the management and a collaborative work with the hairdresser, the occupational therapist or health executive, maintenance and quality.


Our philosophy is to restore dignity to the person, in the respect of his physical and moral integrity, to enable him to regain self-esteem and social bond.

It is also to revalue the role of the hairdresser through good practices and humanity.

Why choosing us

The institutional world recognizes the difficulties in the mentioned context and that the profession of hairdresser and nurses requires a real recognition.

In fact, all the actors support our charter which aims to specify the conditions of attribution of a label "Ethics, Comfort and Security" in order to open to the bases of an approval of a specific activity "Assistance to the Revalorization of the Elderly Person and Disabled by his own image ".

Our vocation is to promote our label to all nursing homes, organizations, associations, training centers ... and disseminate widely to the general public.

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