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Device, commonly called "Cocoon Hair", for shampooing both able-bodied and disabled people, thanks to a mechanism that allows the person to tilt up to more or less 127° while ensuring occipito-cervical support, in order to prevent the person from bending over to the back. The use of this furniture, whose adjustment facilitates adjustment in height and front-back, allows the service provider to work in a vertical position, with vertical arms, relaxed shoulders and abdominal support in all cases.


This chair allows you to:

1/ pick up the persons in the room in order to bring them to the place of work.

2/ do the shampoo and the entire hairdressing service on the same chair without having to lift or carry the person to change places

3/ do the hairdressing service in the room, or have caregivers do shampoos in the room rather than in the shower.


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